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Are You Grateful?

Do you go through life wanting, wanting and wanting more? Are you ever satisfied with what you have? Do you want more money, sex, friends, food or material possessions? Have you just got a new car or house, yet you … Continue reading

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Why Change?

Change can occur for several different reasons and not always because you choose to change. Some people are literally forced into making changes because something in their lives happens and the consequences are life changing. However awful it feels at … Continue reading

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Do You Live In The Present?

Can you honestly say that you remain in the present at all times or do you find yourself slipping back into the past or fast forwarding life in to a future that you imagine will happen? Does your imagination run … Continue reading

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Are You Really Committed to Recovery From Binge Eating?

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes… but no plans. Do you repeatedly fail at your goals and sit there wondering why? Do you run from making a commitment? Find out what may lie behind your lack … Continue reading

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Eating Out: Planned Meals

Restaurants can be extremely difficult to handle for anyone in recovery from binge eating. Not only can you be surrounded by trigger foods but your thinking patterns will also contribute to making the experience a challenge. However you can’t spend … Continue reading

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Is Your Diet Working For You?

Has your dieting stopped working for you? Do you weigh more than when you first began dieting? Are you a binge eater? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions then read on and find out the truth behind … Continue reading

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Is Your New Year’s Resolution Always To Lose Weight?

Year after year do you make the same New Year’s Resolution? If so isn’t it time that you either stop making the same resolutions or alter your strategies for achieving your goal? After all something isn’t working. I can remember … Continue reading

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