The Body Image Workbook

Do you feel terrible about your body? Are you ashamed of how you look? Is your body image distress score severe enough to cause you daily misery? To dislike your body is to dislike yourself. Are you ready to feel great about your body with a small amount of effort that doesn’t involve dieting?

The Body Image Workbook is an excellent way to begin addressing your body image distress. I have worked with many clients who have dramatically reduced their distress without losing a pound in weight. Using this workbook you will have sections to read, followed by questions to think about.

The book is divided into 8 different areas:-

  • Discovering your personal body image
  • Psychology of your appearance
  • Destroying your distress
  • Assumptions you make
  • Correcting your critical thought process
  • Self-defeating behaviours
  • Treating your body right
  • Preserving your positive body image for life

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About the Author

Dr Thomas Cash is a pioneer in the psychology of personal appearance. He has published many articles and is a frequent media guest. He works in Virginia, USA.


Kelly Brownell – Director of Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders “Dr Cash has a knack for translating the best of what science offers into something friendly, supportive and helpful”

Dr Goldwyn – Chief Plastic Surgeon Harvard “This workbook admirably fulfills the author’s objective and promise. It is useful, empathetic, thorough, and common-sensed”

New York Times – “Dr Cash is one of the most sensitive and sympathetic voices on the subject of body image. He brings knowledge and care, intelligence and kindness to a complicated, loaded issue. The body image workbook offers a clear road map to understanding body image problems and relieving them.”

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