Feeling Chart

Did you know there are lots of different feelings? Have you ever thought about all the feelings you experience each day. Why not spend one day and mark all the feelings that you feel. If you feel them twice then put another mark. It’s a great way to learn about yourself. In early recovery from an addiction this is a very useful exercise as you learn to name the feelings.

Abandoned Adamant Adequate Affectionate
Agony Amazed Ambivalent Angry
Annoyed Anxious Apathetic Astounded
Bad Beautiful Betrayed Bitter
Blissful Bold Bored Brave
Burdened Calm Capable Captivated
Cautious Challenged Charmed Cheated
Cheerful Childish Clever Competitive
Condemned Confused Conspicuous Contented
Cruel Crushed Deceitful Defeated
Deflated Delighted Despair Destructive
Determined Different Diminished Discontented
Distracted Distraught Disturbed Divided
Dominated Dubious Eager Ecstatic
Empty Energetic Enjoy Envious
Evil Exasperated Excited Exhausted
Failure Fascinated Fearful Flustered
Foolish Frantic Free Frightened
Frustrated Full Fury Glad
Good Gratified Greedy Grief
Groovy Guilty Gullible Happy
Hate Helpful High Homesick
Honoured Horrible Hurt Hysterical
Ignored Immortal Imposed upon Impressed
Indignant Infatuated Inferior Infuriated
Inspired Intimidated Isolated Jealousy
Joyous Jumpy Keen Kind
Lazy Left out Lonely Longing
Loving Low Lustful Mad
Mean Miffed Miserable Misunderstood
Naughty Nervous Nice Nitpicky
Nutty Obnoxious Obsessed Odd
Opposed Outraged Overwhelmed Pain
Panicked Peaceful Persecuted Petrified
Pity Pleasant Pleased Precarious
Pressured Pretty Prim Proud
Quarrelsome Queer Rage Redundant
Refreshed Rejected Relaxed Relieved
Remorse Restless Rewarded Righteous
Robbed Sad Satisfied Scared
Screwed up Sexy Shaky Shocked
Silly Sneaky Solemn Sorrowful
Spiteful Startled Strange Stuffed
Stunned Stupefied Stupid Suffering
Sympathetic Talkative Tempted Tense
Terrible Terrified Threatened Thwarted
Tired Trapped Troubled Ugly
Uneasy Unloved Unsettled Upset
Vengeful Violent Vivacious Vulnerable
Weepy Wicked Wonderful Worr

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